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New ways of PARTYING

There is a primordial compulsion to party.

The thump thump of music heightens awareness of our shared environment; as we dance, our movements, breath and minds can align; excitement pulses through the crowd; we connect and transcend ourselves.

In amongst this connection, the party also allows for the unusual and unexpected to arise. It is a place of reset, in which we can lose ourselves and find new ways forward. 

These human need to connect and reset, once found in religion, can now, under the right conditions, be found in festivals and parties. But what are those conditions? And can we enhance them?

How can we deepen our rhythmic connection to self, other and environment?

How can we reset amidst the unexpected in ways which deepen connection?

Event took place at The Peer Hat, 27th Oct 2021

A Visual Representation of Durkheim’s Collective Effervescence; Marset Ehrle, 2019..png

Totem drum, Totem drink, Totem think.

Totem Self in Totem Other.  

FYER BREF, Hugh baaaH.jpg
dark dance 5.jpg

Totem People

All hold hands and begin the whisper, “ooo‐oooh. ooooooh. ooo‐oooh…”  as the crowd step one after another into the dark. In this darkness, the space is untellable. In this darkness, we are the space; feet defining floor, whispered chant searching for walls and palms sharing infinity. As the whisper rises into chant, the crowd circle round until one end meets the other, and all sit down in silence. Grounded in darkness, they wait for the PJ to start our new whisper, “Seeee‐ing, seeee‐ing,….” As our eyes begin to adjust, we see bodies moving in shadow, beginning to form a beat. As we start to see, we rise and move towards the music, where the PJ grabs our shoulder and gives us a beat to repeat. The crowd is the music, ever evolving as they form their own beats. We dance as mass. We lose ourselves in our ourself; the crowd as music, movement, light, space and time.

dark sit down 3.jpg


According to the Theory of Relativity, energy and mass warp Spacetime, with greater levels causing Time Dilation (a slowing of measured time). The principal of this piece is to generate the greatest possible Energy-mass.


Two lines face each other on opposite walls . Feet together, all jump to the drum-beat around the perimeter of the room for 1 lap. All face in, drum returns and two sides jump towards the centre. Drum stops when lines meet. -Top of Line begins, “AYYYY…” and this continues down the line like, before all being to wail and flail in chaos, at first moving all around, before bodies spiral inwards, closer together. Flailing and wailing faster and closer and louder  until Time. Slows. Down. Or ceases to exist.

Object Dance 

 There are people and objects in a room. People ignore people, dancing with objects instead. An object offers itself to be acted upon, to be danced with in a certain way - that idea is transmitted to a person, and the person acts; a drum offers itself to be beaten, a chair to be twirled, a mat to be rolled. The interactions of objects and people overlap and intertwine becoming the Object Dance. 

The Possessive Possession Circular Circle

 Piece not recorded, but explained in video

Are you OK?

Performance by

Cartier Themanneverthink


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And his collective, Black Wall, on youtube

Find and Feel the Rhythm

by Tam Dibley

Listen to the rhythms inside and around you. Find one (or more), feel it, and move to the rhythm. A silent disco of body and mind.


*Perhaps due to discomforting quiet, the crowd began to vocalise inner rhythms which were quickly unified. We want to see if we can push past this discomfort, to intensify the internal; a variety of inner rhythms coalesce in the collective.

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