New ways of READING


Information is stored in these symbols.

Without you here now, without you the decoding device, they lie meaningless and numb. Yet, as words enter a mind, they recall the world and conjure memories that never were.

Reading, and more over language, is magical in this ability to create conceptual realms where immaterial ideas float through the milieu of an alternate universe. Reading can take us to another place from which we can reflect upon our own. However, it also draws us away from presence and truth.

While reading, sometimes a feeling rises up inside me. It is a feeling of BEING HERE NOW; feeling in my body, in this moment, as a truth explodes across the horizons of my mind.  I am in paradox; both fully here and fully in the conjured world.

new func is seeking to enhance these moments; seeking new ways of reading which will take us into these realms in connection with self, other and environment. Together, we will be here now, wading through textual waters in search of truth.  

We will read in ways which make us feel alive.


When: Wednesday 29th Sept, 19:00 - 20:30

Where: SEESAW, 86 Princess St, Manchester M1 6NG

Price: Free (booking required)

How: The event will commence with our Ticket Greeting Ritual.

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New ways of READING will include:


-5th Level Spatio-Sonic Language

-Walking on Words

-A Word Person Circle

-A River of Words

-And more Submissions from creatives. (See left).


Headreader   Projected text traces the space and the reader's movements within it. To be read silently (inhabiting here and elsewhere alone) or aloud in an echoing cavern, connecting others to here and there. 


-Propose a new way of reading to be enacted in the event.


-Write an explanation of what happens, including an estimated  duration,

  300 words max.


-If appropriate, include a proposal sketch or photo.


-Email submissions to with the subject:  "READING".

-Deadline: 11pm on Wednesday 22nd September

-All applicants will hear back on Friday 24th September.


-All enacted works will be documented and credited online.

 5th Level Spatio-Sonic Language


As experience is distilled into words, our vocal sounds may expand back into experience. In 5th Level Spatio-Sonic Language, phonemes become movements. Information is embodied and stretched into 4 dimensions, allowing people to move through language and



To the left are all the sounds and movements.


Below is an example of the language in use.

Walking the words.jpg

 Walking on Words

Text is projected from above. The body engages with the page, feet tracing each line, stepping over letters, walking on words and reading aloud the line. We walk meaning into life, one reader/one line at a time.

Person word people sentence.jpg

  A Word Person Circle

Encircling a circle of people, the Projector projects and the people read, one person/one word at a time. A mass of voices become one synchronising intonation and timing to comprehend one another amidst the text. 

00 combo.jpg

 In Words :  In Wood

Words on trees and leaves direct us through the story, treading through the wood. The crunch of forest underfoot brings the mind into wood, while words drag it away. The words are in the wood and we are in the words, managing to be here now and not. 

 River of Words

The READER meanders through the current of WORD PEOPLE each speaking a word into the readers face as they brush by. 

The text is read allowed for all to hear as the river continues to flow around. On reaching the CONDUCTOR, pairs of word people are given 2 new words, and when the reader reaches the conductor, they replace a word person who becomes the new reader. All flow through the river and are the river itself.