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New ways of PARTYING

There is a primordial compulsion to party.

The thump thump of music heightens awareness of our shared environment; as we dance, our movements, breath and minds can align; excitement pulses through the crowd; we connect and transcend ourselves.

In amongst this connection, the party also allows for the unusual and unexpected to arise. It is a place of reset, in which we can lose ourselves and find new ways forward. 

These human needs to connect and reset, once found in religion, can now, under the right conditions, be found in festivals and parties. But what are those conditions? And can we enhance them?

How can we deepen our rhythmic connection to self, other and environment?

How can we reset amidst the unexpected in ways which deepen connection?

new func is seeking new ways to party.

dark dance 5.jpg


When: Wednesday 27th Oct 2021, 19:00 - 21:00

Where: TBC


Price: Free (booking required)

How: The event will commence with our Ticket Greeting Ritual.

           Get your ticket here.


New ways of  PARTYING will include:

-Totem People

-And more submissions from creatives.  (See below.)


-Propose a new way of reading to be enacted in the event.


-Write an explanation of what happens, including an estimated  duration, 300 words max.


-If appropriate, include a proposal sketch or photo.


-Email submissions to with the subject:  "PARTYING".

-Deadline: 11pm on Wednesday 20th Oct.


-All applicants will hear back on Friday 22nd Oct.

-All enacted works will be documented and credited online.

dark sit down 3.jpg

above and below: TOTEM PEOPLE

The ticket greeting ritual ends with the crowd holding hands. A whisper begins, “ooo-oooh. ooo-oooh. ooo-oooh…” as the crowd step one after another into the dark. In this darkness, the space is untellable. In this darkness, we are the space; feet defining floor, whispered chant searching for walls and palms sharing infinity. As the whisper rises into chant, the crowd circle round until one end meets the other, and all sit down. Grounded in darkness, in silence, we wait for the PJ to start our new whisper, “Seeee-ing, seeee-ing,….” As our eyes begin to adjust, we see bodies moving in shadow, beginning to form a beat. As we move towards the music, the PJ grabs our shoulder and gives us a beat to repeat. The crowd is the music, ever evolving as the PJ distributes new beats to repeat. We dance as mass. We lose ourselves in our ourself; the crowd as music, movement, light, space and time.

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