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New ways of BREATHING


Through ‘breathwork’ we can be alive in this moment, but it is most often done for a purpose, a desire beyond. This is can be wonderful, such as when it allows us to exude more energy and love throughout our day. However, breathwork has become wrapped up with our culture of optimisation. We manipulate our breath to be more effective and efficient, to perform (to perform) at our peak.

These rituals of recharge are ultimately matters of self-concern. The breathworker dives deep into the self, away from other and environment. They emerge, serene.  We are perpetually calmed, allowing us to continue accepting our place within inhumane societal structures.

Rather than retreating into self, can we breathe together to restructure our relations and norms?

new func is seeking ways of breathing which make us feel alive; connected to self, other and environment in this moment.


When: Wednesday 26th Jan, 19:00 - 20:30

Where: TBC, Manchester

Price: Free 

How: Follow facebook group for details.


New ways of BREATHING will include:

-Breath Stroke 5000

-Jungle Breath

-Bref o'clock

-Nose Holes (with a member of your bubble)

-Belly Bumps

-Brush Breath Sand Gong

-And more proposals from artists. (See SUBMISSIONS)

jungle breath.jpg
nose holes.jpg
double bref ed im.jpg
a breath of fresh car 0.jpg


-Propose a new way of reading to be enacted in the event.


-Write an explanation of what happens, including an estimated  duration. 300 words max.


-If appropriate, include a proposal sketch or photo.


-Email submissions to

-Deadline: 11pm on Wednesday 12th Jan 2022

-All applicants will hear back on Monday 17th Jan.


-All enacted works will be documented and credited with artist's links.

bref ed.jpg
The bref strokes 5000, and the gallery c


Breathers walk up and down phosphorescent lanes, inhaling up and exhaling down, making a mark to count the breath. On the 5000th breath, they leave. 

Breath-o'clock 4.jpg
Granularity bg 2#.jpg

Bref o'clock

On waking, we enter the clock of breath in fives. Together we become the hand of time, spinning around the face, breathing slow in the centre and fast at the edge; for every step we take a breath. The edge must breathe faster and faster to curve the hand of time, and catch the centre. Then the centre becomes the edge, and the hand of time resets. This process repeats 5 times, and then it is Bref-o’clock. 

Belly Bumps 2.jpg

Brush Breath Sand GONG

In darkness, breathers enter a sonic sea of breath and brush. Brush in hand, and bare feet on sand, inhaling, they brush backward, exhaling, forward, revealing phosphorescent patterns on the floor below.  Lost in patterns; in repetitious fluctuations of concrete and sand, in echoes of breath and brush, they lose themselves. Until one hits a pendulum gong, when all must stop and hold their breath until the ringing ends.

BREF Stroke. Follow the video. Breathe to the count of 7.

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