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Tam Dibley, PhD student researching learning in informal interactions and events.

Hugh Stant, Artist

exploring how to feel alive in everyday actions.

*All works created by Hugh + Tam unless otherwise credited.


Come along to our Book Club events to develop your ideas - see the FUTURE for next event.

Or, if you would like to submit a new way of being for any another action, please email with the subject: 'OPEN SUBMISSION'. Explain what happens in the action including an estimated duration (400 words max) and if appropriate, include a proposal sketch or photo.

During events all artists' new ways will be documented, posted on the 'PAST' webpage and credited, with links to more of their work in the Artist directory below.

Artists and contributors.... we want to hear your ideas, big or small. 


Cartier Themanneverthink, artist

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Charlotte Megroureche, PhD student in Education. 

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Samuel Collinge, artist and actor

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Fraser Chapman, Programmer