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new func's cycle of Needs

new func MANIFESTO

Feel alive in every act;

in connection with self,

other and environment.


To gain esteem,

we subjugate ourselves

to a system removed 

from what it means to be alive.


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Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

PUR UR HAPS to be alive is to be in tension. In tension between life and death; self and other; order(chaos)!! Terror//Pleasure. Belief. And. Bewilderment. As we slip further from these tensions, further from survival and uncertainty, we confine life within walls of increasing convenience and rationale. We detach from our environment and become the data-processing dead. To be alive we must find new ways of being; ever evolving means of meeting physiological needs which root us to the earth in excitement, connect one another in love, and allow us to transcend into being. Inhabiting the tension, we FEEL ALIVE.

new func is a space of play and experimentation. We question how we live and how to be ALIVE.

new func is comprised of 3 elements;

  1. Book Club: through new ways of communal reading we embody language and ideas, asking questions of our actions to develop our understanding together.

  2. New Ways: participatory performance events. These are spaces of experimentation where creatives propose ways to FEEL ALIVE in the necessary acts of life.  We breathe, drink, eat, greet, walk, think, clean, sleep, and trade… in ways which plunge us into the wonderment of uncertainty, where we can truly connect and be.

  3. Party: losing ourselves in music and dance, and finding new ways to reach ecstasy.


 Manchester city centre, UK. (Various locations).

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“The ultimate hidden truth about the world is that it is something that we make, and could just as easily make differently.” David Graeber, The Utopia of Rules

new func's ultimate aim,

in this cycle of research and experimentation,

is to sustain a community within the cycle

a community of exploration, play and transcendence, in connection with self, other and environment - 

a community continuously creating and living in new ways to FEEL ALIVE in the necessary actions of life.